// Christina & Michael are Married

These two had a good 'ol weddin out in the country at a family friend's farm. Michael, being the Chef of The American here in KC, and Christina being an awesome major event coordinator, made for a fun collaboration of a wedding, bringing together awesome food and festivities shared by all. Here is some of what I saw there.

// Kathryn & Luther are married

Kathryn and Luther were married on the family homestead in Pea Ridge, Arkansas. Joy was shared by all, and multiple days of celebration took place. There was a Civil war reenactment down the road complete with canon fire, a bunch of brisket and dancing, and a dip in the pool to call it a night.

// John Brown University

The Admissions department at John Brown asked me to come and photograph their world from my perspective- the community that exists on that campus, for their promotional campaign. I spent two days there sharing in many stories, and taking a whole heap of photographs. I decided to share them all in black and white because I feel it sets a tone that conveys the long history and legacy that stand behind that University. Here are some of my favorites from that adventure.